Why Medications Do Not Heal Chronic Pain


Most people think medications can help heal daily chronic pain.

Medications do not heal chronic pain. At best, what medications do is to keep you from feeling totally miserable. However, when the pain comes back, you need to take more and more medications.

Using medication is like trying to stop a volcano from erupting

You have seen movies of an active volcano. It belches smoke. It spews lava. It stops. And if an obstruction gets in the way, when it’s about to erupt, guess what happens?

The obstruction doesn’t change the volcano much. The volcano blows it out of the way or erupts anyway from another location. Your chronic pain eventually blasts through your medications or shows up in an unexpected way.
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What causes your chronic pain to go off?

For people who have fibromyalgia daily chronic pain, there are many factors that can lead to greater discomfort.

Cold, wet weather gets in your muscles and joints and leaves you feeling like you got hit by a truck
Pushing yourself beyond your limits can put you in pain for several days afterward
Eating or drinking the wrong foods or beverages can drain your energy and put you in hours of discomfort
Being around people who are negative or toxic can zap your energy and put you in more pain
Having increased stress about things like money, relationships, or your health can all trigger episodes of greater chronic pain
Instead of masking your pain with medications, you can use a more natural way to deal with your discomfort.

How you can stop or slow down your chronic pain without medications

There are many systems of healing that are effective at helping you relieve and heal your chronic pain: acupuncture, craniosacral technique, spiritual healing, dietary therapy, chiropractic adjustment, osteopathic manipulation, herbal remedies, supplements, psychotherapy, biofeedback, aromatherapy, physical therapy, and massage to name a few.

These forms of treatment can help you to reduce your discomfort and increase your awareness of what is making your pain worse. As your pain decreases and you get better, you can discover what is at the core of your chronic pain.

What is at the core of your chronic pain?

You can use a creative tool to focus your awareness to probe deeper and find what is at the core of your chronic pain. Called journaling, you write down on a large piece of paper what is going on with your pain.

As you feel your pain you can journal the following: your physical feelings, any emotions that arise, and thoughts or beliefs that you find with your discomfort.

You can keep on journaling as long as your discomfort does not become overwhelming. Relaxing your body and breathing as you journal helps you to not be overwhelmed by your pain.

How can you heal the discomfort that you encounter?

Expressing the discomfort and emotions that you find can be healing

If you encounter physical discomfort or painful emotions, write down how you feel or how the emotions sound. You can express these in different ways by writing things like:

”Owwwwwwww!” or ”Wahhhhhhhhhhh!” or ”It hurts!”

Allow your discomfort to express through what you write on your paper. A useful journaling technique is writing with the hand you normally do not write with, which is your non-dominant hand. Let it be big or messy or scribbly if that matches how you feel.

At any time you can stop if you are in too much pain or get too fatigued. If you can, keep writing until you express most or all of your discomfort. In addition to journaling, you can express your discomfort through your voice.

Voicing your discomfort and uncomfortable emotions also helps to heal your chronic pain

If journaling is difficult or does not work well for you, you can express your discomfort through making sounds or speaking words. Instead of writing, “Owwwwwwwwww!” you can sound it out or yell it out. Let your discomfort shape and express through the sound of your voice. Voicing, even if it feels awkward, helps to uncover and release what is at the core of your chronic pain.

You may not feel comfortable making sounds of discomfort


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