The Cost of IVF Treatment


When a couple finds out that they have infertility concerns it is an overwhelming moment. Fortunately there are these days a lot of alternatives to try to get pregnant anyway. One of these alternatives is IVF treatment. In this article we will talk about the costs associated to an IVF remedy.

The cost of IVF and an ICSI remedy are twofold. The cost can be separated in laboratory costs and medicine costs.

To begin with we will have a glance at the laboratory costs. In case of IVF, the most excellent egg cell and the best sperm cell will be chosen, and afterward assembled for fertilization. In case of ICSI, supplementary steps in the laboratory are required. ICSI is a special technique, which indicates that a particular sperm cell will be implemented into an egg cell. After a few days the accomplishment of fertilization will be tested. The best looking embryo will then be put into the uterus.
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The second division of the costs we are looking at are Medication Costs.

For IVF and ICSI remedies, just as in the OI, and IUI treatment, several drugs are utilized, such as GnRH analogues (Orgalutran ®, Cetrotide ®, Lucrin ® and Decapeptyl ®). Additionally, gonadotropins (Puregon Puregon Pen ® or ™, Gonal-F ®, MENOPUR ®) are necessary for growing the follicles (containing the eggs) and gonadotropins (Pregnyl ®, Profasi ®, Ovitrelle ®) for growing the eggs.

As the female body is unique it is tough to approximate in advance the quantity of the medication you require and for how long you have got to take the medication. Hence it is impossible to determine the expenses of an individual IVF treatment.

In Europe the total expenses for the above mentioned, with an excellent health insurance, will be in the region of 2300 to 2600 euro. In the USA the costs are completely different. The average IVF cost in the USA is $12,000, but it can get to as much as $15,000. It may well be as low as $10,000, although it’s hardly ever lower than that. These costs are for one cycle of IVF and do not incorporate the ICSI treatment. In case a clinic suggests a lower rate than $10,000, they are most likely leaving something out from their price quote.

For an IVF cure in the USA there are some extra costs of IVF that have to be bear in mind. The basic cost of IVF is around $12,000. But supplementary remedies will increase your costs nevertheless. For instance, the ICSI cure we brought up in the first part of this article. In the USA this could be an additional $1,000 to $1,500. In Europe the costs of an ICSI treatment is already in the price.

An additional test that may lead to added costs of about $ 3,000, is Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). This is a test where the cells of the embryo will be verified on a genetic level for deficiency before placing them in the uterus and also embryo freezing, including the initial freezing and storage, may cost an extra few to several hundred dollars.

We can conclude that the cost of IVF is a significant amount of money. But when you obtain the outcome you have been hoping for, it will be worth it. There are inexpensive alternatives on hand, which can be applied as stand-alone treatment or as an additional part of your IVF treatment.

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