Speed Up the Internet – How to Speed Up a File Download


Are you mad with your slower and slower download speed? Do you envy those with high network speed? Why they can download music, video and file so quickly? Let us see some simple measures to speed up download and Internet.

The download speed relates with network speed, your own computer performance and the file you want to download. So, you can improve from the three aspects mainly. First, close down other programs as many as possible when downloading.
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Second, clean up the system so as to speed up processing. Third, if you have multiple choices to download certain file, it is better for you to choose those ones with more downloaded records.

In the default condition, it remains 20% connection bandwidth to support Qos program. But, in fact, most programs do not support the this service and not all the equipments provide distribute management to Qos. Therefore, you can free up the reserved 20% bandwidth so as to speed up your download speed.

Click “Start”-“Run”, type “gpedit.msc”, there will pop up a “Group Policy”, click in the left windows one by one: Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-Network-QoS Packet Scheduler, right-click “Limit reservable bandwidth” to choose “Properties”. In the “Setting” tab, click “Enabled” and lower the “Bandwidth limit” to 0%.

Limit the upload speed. In fact, if you do not limit the upload speed, it may slow down your download speed. Therefore, you have to make a balance between the uploading and downloading.

Besides, you can turn to certain tool to help check your system and optimize your computer. If you free up more memory in the hard disk or error information, your software may not take up space in the hard disk or memory. What is more, you have to clear up your fragment and disk, and improve your hardware.

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