Making Spells With Voodoo Dolls Possible


Voodoo dolls, or magic dolls as they are otherwise called, are a common sight these days. Making spells with voodoo dolls is possible if you know where to get one. There was even a time when you can see them at almost every corner of every street being sold by peddlers and street ‘magicians’. Although they may look all the same to you, there are actually many kinds serving many purposes for those who are willing to entrust their fate to them.

One of the most famous are worry dolls. These are said to ‘worry’ in your place, so instead of you stressing over a certain matter, the worry doll will do all the worrying for you – a feature that will surely make them a hit again today if ever they make a comeback.

All you have to do is basically tie a certain color of string around the doll’s neck to signify its purpose. For example, red for physical health, yellow for intellect, blue for work, purple for spirituality, green for money, orange for emotions, and the most wanted pink for love. As easy as that and you have literally passed on your worries to your doll, without having to cast those complex spells with voodoo dolls.

Another thing you can do is learn to make your own doll. It is actually simple and all you need are the most basic craft materials such as scissors, cloth, and some string, sewing supplies, and stuffing. It will be just like making a rag doll out of scratch. It doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect, what’s important is that you put all your heart into it. Sounds a bit cheesy, but this will make your voodoo dolls the real thing and perhaps more effective.

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