Different Types of Reseller Hosting


The Internet has seen several hosting plans and among them it is the reseller hosting plan that has become popular among users. It is a very simple concept. It means that a reseller is just a wholesale customer of a web hosting provider who will sell web space to their customers. But it is not as simple as it sounds. There are different kinds of reseller hosting plans. This has been done to keep things simple about reseller hosting.

The first category is where a reseller acts like an agent and works for the website hosting company. The reseller is the one who does all the ground work for advertisement for the website hosting company. And customers get to buy directly from the website hosting company and the reseller stand to get a cut if the client mentions his name while buying the website hosting plan.

The second category of reseller hosting is where the reseller works as a marketing agent for the web hosting company. The reseller is responsible for all the advertisement and marketing of the web hosting plan and clients are free to buy any plan for the reseller as well. But if they want to buy directly from the web hosting company they are free to do it as well.

The third category of reseller hosting is where the reseller becomes a clone of the web hosting company. Having bought webs hosting rights from the parent company at a lower rate, the reseller becomes a company in himself and is responsible for everything including, advertisement, marketing, sale and even after sales service as well. Another variant of this third category is that one where clients are given an invoice by the parent company in the name of the reseller, who also gets a cut or to be precise a commission. In such a case, the reseller is the one who becomes clearly responsible for all the support and after sales service.

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